The companies of the Distretto Polesano della Giostra were born in the ’50s and consolidated during the economic boom in the ’60s.

Today, in this area, we find leading enterprises both on a national and international level, operating in the western part of the Province of Rovigo, precisely in the municipalities of Bergantino, Melara, Calto, Castelnovo, Bariano, Ceneselli e Castelmassa.

The Polesine District has been acknowledged by the Veneto Region regulations since 2013 and, with the resolution n.2415 of the regional council of 16th December 2014, it has been inserted among the 17 Venetian Districts of excellence.

The named District is characterized by the geographical spread of a number of activities concerning the management of business relations with the customer, carousel designing and the engineering calculations of the project, the production, assembly and delivery, the maintenance, the restyling and the scrapping of old machinery.

Therefore, among the district companies we can find carousel construction companies, funfair equipment, firework production companies, metal products, mechanical and electromechanical companies, planning studios, trailers, caravans fitting and box-ticket offices construction companies, design agencies, and more.

The heterogeneity of the economic activities, both production and service, referring to the supply chain, represents a distinctive element and a point of strength of the Distretto Polesano della Giostra that is, moreover, strongly oriented to innovation, research, technological excellence, quality and safety.

The final products can be grouped into two macro-sectors:

carousel building, travelling shows and attractions;

products for pyrotechnic shows.

In particular the first macro-sector boasts a very wide production, the attractions realized are different according to type of costumers (kids, families, teens and adults), theme, fixed or mobile parks, as well as attractions specially designed for indoor parks.

In detail they produce:

– children’s rides made up of vehicles;

– horse rides;

– flying rides;

– big rides with multiple movements;

– large rides with rotating movements;

– rolling shutters;

– panoramic wheel;

– free fall towers;

– train and other rail races;

– flying cages;

– bumper cars;

– simulators;

– top spin;

– water attractions;

– caravan fitting;

– construction of ticket offices.

Consorzio Veneto District Amusement Rides
District Manager Franco Cestonaro
tel. 348 2322628
[email protected]