Metals and metal products

The “basic metals and metal products – excluding machines and plants” represent an important sector for Venetian exports, which in 2016 registered 544 million euros of exporting flows (11.9% of total goods destined over the border).
In particular, the item “Precious and other non-ferrous base metals; Nuclear Fuels “represents the third commodity item of the export of the province of Venice, which in 2016 has destined foreign goods for a total of 205 million euros.
Also in the province of Rovigo, the “basic metals and metal products – excluding machines and plants” represent a significant sector of the total provincial export (9.7%), which in 2016 registered 131 million euros in exporting.
The most important item is the “pipes, conduits, hollow profiles and related steel accessories (excluding those in cast steel)” which in 2016 represented the fifth commodity item of the total export Rovigo, with a value of 67 million euros.
The goods produced are numerous: precious and non-precious metals, iron, steel and ferroalloys, metal construction items, cutlery, tanks and metal containers, steam generators, tubes, aluminum profiles for double glazing, steel moulds for industrial uses (for the automotive industry, for cold shearing and deformation of sheet metal, injection for plastic materials), hydraulic and telescopic pistons, bar ducts, prefabricated concrete slabs, brass strips, bronze and copper laminates, prefabricated components for building and hydraulic engineering, fittings for joints and pipes, road barriers, sound absorbing and soundproofing barriers, ducts, scaffolds, expansion joints, rockfall and retaining walls, structural bearings, anti-seismic devices, crown caps for wine bottles, steel radiators, stainless steel tanks for painting systems, special pipes for hydrocarbons and other fluids transportation and distribution.