Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Machinery

The products made by the metalwork industry companies situated in the Provinces of Rovigo and Venice are numerous and diversified, contributing to making the export of this sector particularly dynamic.
In the 2016, in fact, the “other special Purpose machines” and the “other general use machines” were placed in the third and fourth place respectively in the list of export items of the province of Venice, registering both a value of goods Bordering around 250 million euros.
In the province of Rovigo, the driving forces of exports 2016 were the “machines for agriculture and forestry”, third entry in the ranking, with a value of 102 million euros, and the “Other Machines for special use”, the fourth voice of Ranking, amounting to 79 million euros.
Very wide range of products produced by the companies of the engineering sector present in the provinces of Venice and Rovigo, in particular:

industrial machinery: machines and plants for woodworking, machines and agricultural equipment, machinery for shoe factories, textile cutting machinery, machines for the conversion of abrasive materials, plastic processing machinery, handling equipment, painting systems, solvent purification plants, machinery for the manufacture of broom, for the processing of broomcorn and monofilament, industrial glass furnaces, electric mechanical lifters, cold milling profiling systems, high frequency welded tubes, overinjection and overpressure moulds for the automobile industry, plants for the transportation, dosing and weighing of additives for steelworks, drying and concrete plants;

special purpose machines: metal guides for the storage and handling of slaughtered meat, dehumidifiers, dryers, maintenance hoppers , refrigerators, straightening and stapling units, ophthalmic lens machines, concrete mixers, railway track grinding trains, concrete mixer trucks ;

machine tools and spare parts: pressure rollers for textile machines, automatic labeling machines for packaging lines, universal sharpeners for milling cutters, abrasive grinding wheels, conveyor belt chains, machine tools for mechanical workshops, injection moulding machines, pruners, welding rods, blades for livestock, mowers and hedge trimmers, knives and granulators for plastic cutting, circular saws for cutting light alloys, electric pumps, ventilation units, refrigerating exchangers;

machinery and equipment for environmental safety and waste disposal: dust suction, filtering and extraction systems, industrial waste recycling plants, vacuum evaporation wastewater treatment plants, industrial waste treatment plants, mobile shredding groups for the recycling of demolition material.

The range of products from companies in the electrical and electronic field is also wide: intercom systems and video door phones, chronothermostats, assembly kits for radio receivers and amplifiers, analogue and digital data transmitters, ambient air monitoring units, radio frequency laser guns, bar code readers, probes and electronic switchboards, telephone and telematic equipment, three-phase and single-phase power supplies, refrigerators, medium, high and very high voltage disconnectors, electric motors, rotary electric cam switchers, distribution and power transformers in mineral oil and resin.