Most of the enterprises of the sector are concentrated in Venice, in the eastern part of the province, namely in the municipalities of Annone Veneto, Pramaggiore e Santo Stino di Livenza, while for the province of Rovigo they are concentrated in the territory of medium and high Polesine and boast a production that ranges over all the fields of furnishings: from home furnishing supplies (kitchens, living rooms, armchairs, sofas, bedrooms, padded and metal beds, bunk beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, furniture for living rooms, bookcases, furniture and accessories for bathrooms) and for the office (desks, chairs, armchairs and pc racks), furnishings for hotels and public businesses (refrigerated counters and showcases, showcase display cases, food trolleys), to naval supplies.

Not to forget the furnishing accessories such as: kitchen and dining tables, chairs, armchairs, folding chairs, coffee tables, cupboards, chests, TV and HI-FI cabinets, consoles, mirrors.

There are also companies specialized in bed bases and mattresses (latex, springs, orthopedic, fire-resistant) and those producing garden furniture, especially made by stone (tables and fireplaces) and pieces of furniture covered with mirror.