The Venice Chamber of Commerce presents Venicexport, the portal of the importers/exporters of the Venice province, which can be consulted in Italian and English at and
Venicexport – promoted and managed by the “Promotions abroad and services for businesses” office – is an important showcase for the companies of the Venice province that operate on foreign markets, offering particular visibility to all small and medium size companies that form the connective tissue of the provincial economy. Through direct connection with the websites and e-mail addresses of the single businesses inserted into the database, the companies can be contacted directly and quickly by Italian and foreign operators who visit the site.
It is also possible to download lists of companies in relation to the sectors of interest and to the other search criteria available.
The portal also avails of a space available to Venetian and foreign companies to publish requests and offers of products and services.
Finally, there are some summarising data on the economy, local products, trade with foreign countries and infrastructure of the Venice province, as well as addresses of organisms of the area geared to internationalisation.
For an effective promotion of the portal, each year the “Promotions abroad and services for businesses” office organises specific web-marketing campaigns on markets of greatest interest to the economy of the province, in addition to registering its site in the main business dedicated search engines.

To make a quick search within the database, write the naming, select a category, and enter the location.


To perform complex searches or view all data within the database, registration is required.
The Chamber of Commerce to support businesses, collaborates with overseas organizations: